All-wheel drive – traction at its best

Always ready

4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive enables the vehicle to move off and accelerate powerfully – even on poor road surfaces and in adverse weather conditions. The 4MATIC is always active and requires no response time to intervene.

  • Enormously powerful: 4MATIC makes conventional differential locks superfluous, because the automatic brake impulses improve moving off on slippery surfaces and increase stability during demanding changes of direction.
  • Low weight: thanks to the compact design, the intelligent choice of materials and the high level of efficiency, barely no additional weight has been added when compared to similar models with rear-wheel drive.
  • Supporting systems: the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system is supported by the Electronic Stability Program ESP® as well as the Electronic Traction System 4ETS. Any spinning wheels are specifically slowed down, and the drive torque is automatically directed to those wheels with good traction.

E-Class Saloon


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