All-wheel drive – Improved traction on the road and off-road

The new M class offers excellent handling on any terrain. This is thanks to the 4MATIC permanent all-wheel-drive system. It works in conjunction with the electronic stability system, consisting of ESP® and 4ETS.

Featuring anti-lock braking (ABS), acceleration skid control ASR and DSR (Downhill Speed Regulation), 4ETS permits coordinated distribution of the tractive force between the four drive wheels, which in turn enhances traction – particularly when negotiating varying surface conditions.

When the off-road switch in the centre console is pressed, the adjustments of driving dynamics systems, engine and transmission are automatically primed for off-road-typical handling characteristics.

  • Outstanding handling: particularly on unstable roads, wet surfaces and snow, the all-wheel drive provides better roadholding which in turn enhances safety.
  • Plenty of pulling power: in conjunction with the optional trailer coupling, the new M-Class has a maximum towing capacity of 3500 kg. The all-wheel drive and the ESP® Trailer Stability Assist ensure comfortable handling when towing a trailer.



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