Atego in construction-site transport

In a class of its own

Whether operating as a dropsider, three-way tipper, all-wheel-drive tipper or skip loader, the Atego is a compelling proposition. With two different cab versions, three cockpit variants and a large range of equipment, the Atego can be configured to meet application-specific requirements in the building materials industry.

The fuel-efficient 4- and 6-cylinder in-line engines, which are already optionally available with BlueTec® 5, stand for economy and reliability. As an option the Atego with 160 kW (218 hp) is available in a vehicle variant which meets the even stricter EEV* emissions standard for even fewer exhaust emissions, when driving in low emission zones, for instance.
The optional engine start/stop system contributes to greater environmental compatibility and lower consumption. Economy is further increased through longer service intervals and the use of low-maintenance or maintenance-free components. Add to this its excellent handling characteristics and exceptional manoeuvrability and you’ll understand why the Atego is the perfect vehicle for the building materials industry. It is ideal for narrow roads, urban building sites, and in gardening and landscaping – wherever every centimetre counts. Step inside.

* Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle