Axor in heavy-duty short-radius distribution

Key advantages in everyday operations

Low costs, high payloads and just about everything you need to make life easier in heavy-duty short-radius distribution. And more economical too. The Axor shows you how.
The principle is straightforward: the easiest way to earn money is not to spend it. That’s why the Axor makes savings wherever possible – be it unladen weight, fuel consumption or toll charges. This is possible thanks to its weight-optimised construction and highly economical and reliable BlueTec® engines which comply with Euro 5 and allow service intervals of up to 120,000 km. The Mercedes PowerShift 12-speed automatic gearshift and an optional Economy Pack also enhance driving comfort and safety. The standard-specification drive/brake speed control reduces the driver’s workload and can lead to more fuel-efficient driving. Another example of how the Axor succeeds in combining economy with ecology is the engine start/stop system, which is available as an option. In the Axor developing up to 240 kW (326 hp) this feature saves additional fuel and reduces exhaust emissions even further, so it paying off for business owners and the environment alike. All in all, the Axor offers key benefits that pay for themselves on a daily basis in heavy-duty short-radius distribution. Not just out on the road, but also on your balance sheet.