SCR diesel technology from Mercedes-Benz

For many people, the Euro standards are becoming more stringent. For you they are more cost-effective

There is an economical solution to ensure Euro 5 compliance: BlueTec®. Mercedes-Benz has already made an early decision in favour of the future-proof solution of BlueTec® which is based on SCR (selective catalytic reduction) diesel technology and on higher-efficiency engines which are in turn more economical. Thanks to SCR diesel technology, Mercedes-Benz satisfies Euro emissions standards and reduces exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. The initial investment is paid off more quickly than you might expect.

For anyone who feels that Euro 5 is not environmentally friendly enough, the Axor with 210 kW (286 hp) and 240 kW (326 hp) already offers the option of meeting the stricter EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle) emissions standard. The resulting lower particulate emissions benefit not only the environment but you as well as you can drive the Axor with BlueTec® in environmental zones.