Natural, inexpensive and CO2-neutral:

Biogas as a viable fuel

The end of crude oil dependency: biomass and the biogas produced from it helps to establish sustained independence from finite raw materials. The technical and economical potential of biogas as a sustainable, inexpensive and environmentally compatible energy mix has not yet been fully exploited. This potential is huge! All fermentable waste is suitable as raw material when producing biogas: sewage sludge, biowaste, organic fertilisers and even previously unused plants and parts of plants. Many raw materials are available at virtually no cost and the 60% average proportion of methane produced makes biogas energy rich and viable as a CO2-neutral fuel for vehicle propulsion systems.

Advantages of biogas:

  • CO2-neutral and low on emissions
  • Unrestricted driving in environmental zones
  • Particularly quiet operation: ideal for night-time use
  • Other benefits include savings in fuel costs, motor vehicle tax, TollCollect toll payments, and road usage charges.
  • Major image boost for companies and local authorities